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Antony Ramon-Muller - COO

LeService that Antony books the most: Barber - Men'icure - Meditation - Cleaning

Antony oversees the mobile platform operations at LeService, making sure our application is successful in satisfying and acquiring new providers and clients. From identifying and launching markets to creating the infrastructure necessary to equip and manage freelance LeService providers, Antony has the invaluable ability to link company growth strategy and deep technological understanding.
Before creating LeService with his sister Charlotte, Antony was already an entrepreneur and had led the network systems of major phone appliance companies. He holds a BS in Computer Science and Network Administration from Paris Assas University and he attended Galilee Graduate Engineering School.

Charlotte Muller - CEO

LeService that Charlotte books the most : Fitness - Yoga - Chef - Ironing

Charlotte focuses on the development strategy of LeService.
LeService was created based on Charlotte's own service experience. She worked in law firms and in the legal department of large multinational companies on ICT and tech matters. Due to her busy schedule and frequent travelling, she was used to booking various services and knew many of the professionals listed on the application. Booking each of them was a tedious text message process that she wished she could improve to the tap of a button. LeSevice started from there.
Charlotte attended HEC Business School and holds Masters of Laws from Pantheon Sorbonne University, New York University and National University of Singapour.

Mickael Mas - CTO

LeService that Mickael books the most: Barber - Crossfit - Ironing - Meditation

Mickael leads the technological development of LeService. He has the big picture on how the LeService product is actually going to work. From idea to implementation, Michael sets project milestones for his teams, prioritizes and arbitrates between ideas and especially manages and empowers talents.
Before developing LeService with Charlotte and Antony, Mickael had been a lead iOS developer on several major projects, including Voyages Scnf, Eurosport and LCL mobile apps. He holds a Bachelor and a Master in Computer science from Galilee Graduate Engineering School.

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